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Postdoc: deadline 15th August, for more information click here

PhD student: deadline 9th August, for more information click here


We are looking for motivated postdocs and students who are interested in studying interactions of the gastrointestinal system, microbiota, metabolism, and diet using state-of-the-art technologies, such as single-cell genomics, metagenomics, metabolomics, and in vitro screening.

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If you are interested in pursuing either computational or experimental (or both) projects in the area of microbiota and gut-liver axis, please get in touch.

Previous experience in the methods mentioned below is desirable, but not a prerequisite:

  • Bioinformatics (R, Python, analysis of sequencing data, analysis of small molecule metabolomics)
  • Sequencing libraries generation (RNAseq, ATACseq, ChIPseq, CUT&Tag, single-cell genomics, metagenomics)
  • Cell culture (cell lines, organoids, CRISPR-based cell line modification techniques)
  • Microbiology (culturing bacterial isolates, phenotyping, working anaerobically, working with protozoa and fungi) 
  • Working with mice
  • FACS, cell sorting
  • Metabolomics (HPLC, MS)

Please send (1) a CV, (2) a short statement on your scientific goals and interests (max one page) (3) contact information to 2-3 people who can evaluate you (such as your thesis supervisor, academic advisor) to

Prospective postdocs are encouraged to apply for fellowships (we will support you in the process!), in particular for 

PhD students

If you are interested in joining the lab for a PhD you should apply through the Warsaw PhD School in Natural and BioMedical Sciences Warsaw-4-PhD 

We are looking for master’s degree holders or equivalent in biology, biotechnology, medicine, or related disciplines with some experience in wet lab work or bioinformatics. We are also supportive of career path switching and aim to train modern interdisciplinary scientists. If you hold a computer science, mathematics, physics, or engineering degree, you are warmly encouraged to apply. 

Please be aware that in the application evaluation process grades are not the most important factor, relevant experience and documented proactive attitude in previous endeavours (also non-scientific) are going to weigh substantially. Also, there are no formal requirements to have published papers.

Every PhD student accepted to the doctoral school receives a scholarship for personal expenses and health insurance. There are no fees in the doctoral school. Additionally, we encourage PhD students to obtain their own funding (e.g., NCN Preludium Bis), which in addition to funding research, tops up their salary. This is a unique opportunity that is not available in many other countries. 

How to prepare your application? What to include in your CV and motivation letter? How to prepare for an interview?

Please send an email to for further details.

MSc & BSc students

We also accept a limited number of students interested in joining the lab for an MSc thesis, BSc thesis, or an internship. Please send your CV to

We are also happy to support students wishing to apply for grants, e.g. Perły Nauki